Scratch Night at MK Gallery with Manny and the Coloured Sky

Being a young leader on the Oyap Stepping Up programme has put us all in a slightly bizarre situation at the moment. We all know that we’re artists in our own rights and yet for the most part we don’t get to see the others’ skills and talents in action. So tonight was a revelation. I’m so lucky to be part of such an incredible group of artists!

Tonight I went along to the Scratch Night at MK Gallery that our very own Manny and Alice had organised. It ended up with a group of people listening to three very talented musicians who each did a set and then jammed together, which was really great to see! It’s always great to see collaboration in practice, but I want to focus on Manny.

ImageManny and The Coloured Sky is a singer-songwriter who also plays guitar and you can check out some of his music here. When you meet Manny he can come across as quite understated, a little quiet, and totally in his own world, never without a pair of headphones, totally immersed in his music. Seeing him up and performing was a whole other thing. Now I’d checked out his recordings and I’d had a sneak peak of his musicianship at one of the Oyap training sessions but that is nothing compared to his live performance. He didn’t just perform…

He lived it.

The moment Manny started performing I was absolutely mesmerised. It seems that Manny totally opens up and bares his soul, and you feel really connected to his performance and what he’s singing about, whether he’s singing his own original music or a cover. His original material is so immensely heartfelt and beautifully written. This is a guy who really understands music, its impact, its intricacies and its ability to capture your attention and soul. Also, let me tell you this…

This guy can SING.

Manny has such an unusual voice which conveys so much emotion. Add to that a phenomenal range and basically the sky is the limit, and what a colourful sky it is! I cannot express to you how impressed I was.

Please go and listen to his song ‘Dream’. It honestly gave me goose-bumps.

So Manny,

From one musician to another, one artist to another, one human being to another, let me just say…

You blew me away.


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