Ambition, Goals and OYAP

A few months ago my mum and I were talking about being ambitious when she asked me,

“Do you think you’re ambitious?”

And I of course said,


Nice one Charlotte.

It’s a difficult question to answer because you have to really think about whether you are actively ambitious. I think there’s quite a difference between dreaming whimsically about what you’d like to do, and actively pursuing your goals. After a little more thought I decided that yes, I do think I’m ambitious, I’m just not certain about how I’m going to achieve my goals.

What are your goals?

Where do you aspire to be?

What dreams do you have?

It all comes back to ambition and how big you let yourself dream…

I am now most of the way through my internship at The Stables and yet the question “What will you do next?” STILL stumps me as I just don’t know yet. There are so many directions I could take, it’s just finding the right one.

My Audacious Goal

This is something Pete Mosley asked us to consider in our final OYAP Young Leaders’ session.

Three little words.

My audacious goal.

Not just ‘my goal’. ‘Audacious’ adds a whole other element. It asked us to think further, rather than just play it safe. Pete is great at getting us to stretch our thinking and quantify it, give it a time frame for example.

The concept of a comfort zone is something we are all familiar with and for a lot of people stick to it. It’s easy, reliable and safe. However Pete spoke about working outside our comfort zone every day. This in turn becomes your comfort zone so take another step, and another…

John Pepin also spent part of the day with us talking through some social enterprise ideas. This definitely tied in with Pete’s session as it gave us all confidence to voice our ideas to eachother and discuss them critically, therefore giving us more confidence to take that away and build on it, maybe actually launching it.

Ambition vs. Confidence vs. Procrastination

We have to define what we want to achieve, have the confidence to go for it, and conquer procrastination in order to really stand a chance at reaching our audacious goals.

There is so much that I will take away from the sessions we’ve had over the course of the Stepping Up programme. It’s not just the sessions though, it’s the people!

OYAP Young Leaders

It has been wonderful working with such a talented group of young artists. We are all so different and will travel in different directions. However I feel like we’ve built a strong connection since January, a network of like-minded young people in the arts sector and that is invaluable. I still have a few things to achieve for OYAP Stepping Up so in the words of C.S. Lewis,

“Courage, dear heart.”


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