The Master Returns? (contains spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched this series of Doctor Who and don’t want spoilers then don’t read this post! Just go watch it… ASAP.

Since Doctor Who’s return with Christopher Eccleston I have grown to love the show. I’ve seen four regenerations and the demise of the Master… or had I?

All season we’ve been teased with who the mysterious Scottish woman is and last week she was revealed as Missy… aka The Master… aka The Mistress! Brilliant!

Moffat’s decision to bring back The Master adds a whole other dimension back into the programme, and the decision to bring The Master back as The Mistress is a serious development! It opens up the possibility that The Doctor may one day regenerate as a woman. With so many people speculating about this possibility at every regeneration I can remember, it will only add to the hype over the next, even though we are only one series into Peter Capaldi’s era. Whilst I don’t think the next regeneration will be a woman, future incarnations may well be. Goodness knows the Doctor Who fandom has gone bananas over it, just have a look at twitter or tumblr. And with the introduction of a female Doctor, could we have a male companion?

Michelle Gomez is, I think, a genius bit of casting. She is such an eccentric actress, adding a sarcasm and wit to the character that balances the dry, seriousness of Capaldi’s Doctor. There is also an aspect of her character that reminds me of River Song, and I’m interested as to how this plays out. Additionally, I liked how in the same series they’ve mirrored a Scottish Doctor with a Scottish Mistress.

I think the introduction of a female Master is a huge step forward for Doctor Who and I’m excited to see what direction the series heads in from now on.

But what do you think? Are you excited that The Master/Mistress has returned?


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